The FCGG (Flemish Collaborative Glomerulonephritis Group) was founded in 2014  as an initiative to promote collaboration between Flemish nephrologists and renal pathologists with regard to native kidney diseases.  A first project has been to establish a Renal Biopsy Registry, in order to gather information on native kidney diseases in Flandres (Dutch-speaking part of Belgian, with around 6 million inhabitants).

The Flemish Renal Biopsy Registry is an anonymised database for epidemiologic, clinical and scientific insight, presided by a steering committee of nephrologists and pathologists.  All renal biopsy centres are participating, with anticipated full coverage of the region of Flandres. The registry is active from January 1st 2017.
Clinical variables (AKI, CKD, renal function, hematuria, proteinuria, nephrotic syndrome) are being recorded, as well as pathology diagnosis according to a consensus list of 60 possible diagnostic entries (FCGG-NBVN coding list), in addition to relevant pathology classification schemes.
Regular updates on the epidemiology of renal disease as recorded by the FCGG will be given to all NBVN members on annual meetings, and peer reviewed research will be stimulated.

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