Allemaal zoeken we stiekem wel eens zaken op in UpToDate, het levenswerk van Burton Rose - een nefroloog, zoals de meesten onder ons weten en hem allicht ook live aan het werk zagen tijdens de fameuze jaarlijkse "refresher drill week" in Boston. Spijtig genoeg wist het coronavirus zich enige tijd geleden aan zijn (al op gezegende leeftijd gekomen) ACE2-receptoren vast te haken en liet het niet louter hierbij. Burt begrijpt nu allicht beter dan eender welke sterveling de aard en het wezen van de Planck-constante en leeft voor de rest verder in de collectieve nefrologische neuronale massa.
Hij werd 78 jaar.

Hieronder leest u een mooi eerbetoon aan hem door dr. Denise Basow.

Wim Lemahieu
Secretaris NBVN

Read the letter from Denise Basow, MD, President and CEO of Clinical Effectiveness and share how UpToDate changed how you practice medicine.

"We are all mourning the passing of Dr. Burton (Bud) Rose, Founder of UpToDate, on April 24th, 2020.

Bud called 1989 the "eureka moment" that began his mission of answering the questions clinicians really have, though he didn't realize at that point how much he would change the world. But he didn't need to see the future, he just focused on the task ahead of him, day by day. Once he had the idea for UpToDate, he wouldn't let anything get in the way of pursuing it. And that pursuit has impacted the practice of medicine and the lives of patients for almost 30 years. He was a courageous and persistent educator and entrepreneur with an optimism and passion that were infectious.

Bud's academic achievements extended well beyond UpToDate. He was a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a recipient of several awards for his outstanding teaching including the ASN's Robert G. Narins Award. Generations of medical students learned fluid and electrolytes and the practice of general nephrology from his textbooks. For practicing nephrologists, he developed one of the premier nephrology review courses that continues to teach hundreds of participants every year. He was a master teacher who taught medicine to clinicians all over the world.

Above all, he was our beloved colleague and friend, and a most unique and special man.

We extend our deepest condolences to his family. If you would like to share any thoughts, memories, or experiences with UpToDate please do that below, and we will share them with Bud's wife, children, and grandchildren."